AUC Interpretationes (Acta Universitatis Carolinae Interpretationes Studia Philosophica Europeanea) is a philosophical journal focusing on 20th-century European philosophy, particularly French and German philosophy, and phenomenology.

AUC INTERPRETATIONES, Vol 5 No 1 (2015), 37–58

La pensée nomade et les ontologies cachées

[Nomadic thinking and hidden ontologies]

Luis Fellipe Garcia

published online: 06. 05. 2016


This paper explores the contrast between two meanings of thinking: (i) one that is implied by the Cartesian and Kantian philosophy, the two thinkers that have the deepest influence on the constellation of Western philosophical problems (ii) and another which is implied by the philosophical-anthropological project of the Brazilian anthropologist Eduardo Viveiros de Castro. The thesis here defended is that, in the Cartesian and Kantian philosophy, thinking means to control the otherness by a conceptual construction, while in Viveiros de Castros’ theoretical enterprise, thinking would be rather to explore how the otherness would light up what those conceptual constructions hide behind its walls.

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