Between 2001–2014, Karolinum Press published a eight-volume collection of the poetic works of Karel Šiktanc. The individual volumes were edited by Jiří Brabec with graphical layout by Karel Vilgus. Karolinum has also published individual works by Šiktanc for children – poems, rhymes and fairy tales. Since 2003 Karolinum has also published new collections of poetry by Karel Šiktanc – Zimoviště (poetry from the period between 1998–2003), Řeč vestoje (2002–2003), Běseň, Vážná známost (2003–2007), Nesmír (2007–2010) and Čistec (2010–2012) The final four collections were created in collaboration with sculptor and artist Jan Koblasa and with graphical designer Zdeněk Ziegler, which makes them unique even among Czech publications.