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Příběhy (ne)obyčejných profesí

Příběhy (ne)obyčejných profesí

Česká společnost v období tzv. normalizace a transformace

[Stories of (Un)Common Jobs]

Vaněk, MiroslavKrátká, Lenka (ed.)

subjects: anthropology and ethnography, history
series: Oral History and Contemporary History

hardcover, 554 pp., 1. edition
published: november 2014
ISBN: 978-80-246-2813-4
recommended price: 430 czk



Histories of the "normalization and transformation" have recently become quite popular and a theme discussed by scholars and also by the general public. This publication is intended to address this interest. It loosely continues upon the previous publication from the Oral History Centre at the Institute of Contemporary History, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic, entitled Obyčejní lidé ...? (Ordinary People ...?), published by in Prague in 2009 by Academia Press. The stories of (un)common jobs present the fates and memoires of men and women working in seemingly "ordinary" jobs. In the form of interpretive studies, this book captures experience gained in the "active services" (army, police, fire fighters), by employees (mainly women) working in services (restaurants, retail, health care) as well as in the "freelance" jobs (using fine artists as an example). It also covers those working in economic and cultural management, and last but not least, those whose fates are linked to the agrarian sector of the countryside.

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