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Praktická etika

Praktická etika

[Practical Ethics]

Singer, Peter

subjects: philosophy
series: Etika

paperback, 364 pp., 1. edition
translation: Ficová, Sylva
published: may 2024
ISBN: 978-80-246-5794-3
recommended price: 440 czk



Peter Singer's book Practical Ethics has been a classic introduction to applied ethics for thirty years. In this third edition, the author has revised and updated all the chapters and added a new one on climate change, one of the most important ethical challenges for our generation. Some of the issues he discusses here concern our everyday lives. Is it ethical to buy luxury goods when others do not have enough to eat? Should we buy meat from intensively farmed animals? Am I doing something wrong if my carbon footprint is higher than the global average? Other issues we face as concerned citizens include equality and discrimination based on race or gender, abortion, the use of embryos for research, euthanasia, political violence, terrorism and the protection of our planet's environment.
Thanks to its easy-to-understand style and provocative arguments, this book is suitable for college seminars and for anyone willing to think about how we should live.

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