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Teoretické problémy překladu

Teoretické problémy překladu

[[Theoretical Problems in Translation]]

Mounin, George

subjects: literary criticism, linguistics

hardcover, 266 pp., 1. edition
translation: Hanáková, Milada
published: july 1999
recommended price: 245 czk



Translated from the French by Milada Hanáková.
In this key work George Mounin, the founder of the modern comparative theory of translation, explains that translation cannot be perceived merely as an acquired skill of translating the signs of one language into those of another language, but must be understood as a ?translation of one system of thought into another, of one civilisation into another, of one historical period into another?. Ethnography and philology are presented as indispensable complements of linguistics and the nature and interpretation of the ?meaning? of translated text are introduced as key linguistic categories.