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Nástin sociálního vývoje českých zemí 1781–1914

Nástin sociálního vývoje českých zemí 1781–1914

[An Overview of the Czech Lands' Social Development in 1781-1914]

Matějček, JiříMachačová, Jana

subjects: sociology, history

paperback, 496 pp., 1. edition
published: march 2010
ISBN: 978-80-246-1679-7
recommended price: 385 czk



This monograph is a modern work on social history in its wider meaning. It marks the place where society developed in the Czech Lands in the 19th century in the context of Europe and follows the context of industrialization and other phenomena that it influences. It covers the development of the population, social stratification, the size and importance of functional and professional groups forming the basis of the relationship network of upper, middle and lower society strata. This work captures long-term changes in the behaviour patterns and characterizes the modernization processes.