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Rolnictvo na pozdně středověkém Chebsku

Rolnictvo na pozdně středověkém Chebsku

Sociální mobilita, migrace a procesy pustnutí

[Peasantry in the Cheb Region in the Late Middle Ages]

Klír, Tomáš

subjects: archaeology, history – medieval

paperback, 600 pp., 1. edition
published: july 2020
ISBN: 978-80-246-4559-9
recommended price: 590 czk



Medieval peasantry represents a particularly attractive unknown for historians as it is crucial for understanding the later economic growth, or on the other hand, the surprising stagnation of some European regions. What knowledge we do have on the social structures and institutions of medieval peasantry is incomplete and only in rough outlines. We however know almost nothing about the real inner dynamics and demographic aspects. This monograph answers this challenge, taking advantage of the hitherto unnoticed, and unique in the European context, preserved written sources about the Cheb city state. It is thanks to them that the book can present a remarkably detailed view of social mobility, migration and the method of social reproduction of peasantry in the late Middle Ages, including new perspectives of the phenomenon of the disintegration of country settlements in that period.