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Svět Václava Ciglera

Svět Václava Ciglera

[Václav Cigler’s world]

Hvížďala, Karel

subjects: biographies and memoirs

paperback, 176 pp., 1. edition
published: may 2022
ISBN: 978-80-246-3773-0
recommended price: 320 czk



This long-awaited dialogue between two prominent figures – journalist and writer Karel Hvížďala and the doyen of fine arts, glass-maker, sculptor, architect and pedagogue, Václav Cigler, offers an insight into the artist’s biography, which reflects his life and creativity in the course of time. The dialogue is accompanied by ample pictorial materials, documenting the transformations of Cigler’s work with glass, his architectural works in the public space, and landscaping project designs. The book also includes a list of the artist’s solo exhibitions as well as group exhibitions he was part of, lists of catalogues and thematic bibliography. Special attention is paid to Cigler’s pedagogical activities, his “school” and students. This book features a unique graphic design by Clara Istlerová.

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