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AUC INTERPRETATIONES, Vol 10 No 2 (2020), 53–71

Heidegger, « die Phantasie des Wesens ». Quelques notes de repère

[Heidegger, “die Phantasie des Wesens”. A few landmark notes]

Elisa Bellato

published online: 26. 07. 2022


The present paper engages with Heidegger’s attempt to rethink, during the 1930s, the metaphysical history of being from the inside. It treats the movement of the appearance of Being (Seyn) in the concealment of the essence of truth, and moving from such a notion of “essence” (Wesen), it shows that the role of Phantasie falls within the seynsgeschichtliches Denken. The Heideggerian “Phantasie des Wesens” is thus studied through Holderlin’s poetry, which is central to the elaboration of the “thought of the history of being” in the thirties. It seems therefore, following Heidegger’s interpretation, that is from its own language (Sprache) that the metaphysical history of being can be rethought or “reinvented”. The paper rather explores the process of channeling Stimmung into Grund-stimmung, by which the Phantasie may be able to shape the experience of meaning.

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