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Farmaceutická chemie

Farmaceutická chemie

Návody k praktickým cvičením

[Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Instructions for Practical Exercises]

Zimčík, Petr a kol.

subjects: medicine – pharmacology, science – chemistry

paperback, 78 pp., 3. edition
published: august 2022
ISBN: 978-80-246-5158-3
recommended price: 130 czk



This textbook is primarily intended for students of the Pharmacy study program for practical exercises in the subjects Pharmaceutical Chemistry or Synthetic Drug Technology. Individual exercises are focused on studying the relationships between physicochemical properties and biological activity, and on the synthesis of certain selected drugs. The goal of the exercises is to familiarize students in practice with the basic chemical operations used during the preparation of simple drugs, and to at the same time deepen their knowledge on their physical, physicochemical, and chemical properties. The textbook includes a commented overview of the most important information sources in the fields of chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry.
Third, revised edition