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Analýza restitučních procesů v České republice

Analýza restitučních procesů v České republice

Restituce a ostatní procesy transformující vlastnická práva

[An analysis of the restitution processes in the Czech Republic]

Zeman, Karel

subjects: anthropology and ethnography, economics and finance

e-book, 1. edition
published: april 2016
ISBN: 978-80-246-3312-1
e-book formats PDF
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This publication analyzes the development of principal processes of the national economy transformation (restitution processes, state enterprise liquidation processes, state company bankruptcy, or insolvency processes and the process of the transformation of state property into the ownership of municipalities) in the Czech Republish between 1989 and 2010. The research was divided into an analysis of the development of "small-scale restitution”, pursuant to Act no. 87/1991 Sb., the restitution of agricultural and forest property, pursuant to Act no. 229/1991 Sb., the restitution of church property, pursuant to Act no. 428/2012 Sb., the restitution of Jewish property, pursuant to Act no. 212/2000 Sb., and the restitution of the historical property of municipalities, pursuant to Act no. 172/1991 Sb. The same research structure was employed for all of the legal regimes under examination, with the focus lying in legal, institutional, factual, macroeconomic and statistical analyses of each of them (provided the entry data were available), which subsequently leads to a comparison of all of the restitution processes implemented in the Czech Republic. Theoretical points of departure are based on the results of theoretical research, or the testing of practical applicability of economic theories related to the restitution and other examined processes. In particular, these include the following theories: property rights, government failure, moral hazard, asymmetric information, interest groups and rent seeking. The extensive analytical and comparative section of the publication makes macroeconomic, statistical and factual conclusions, pointing out the positive and negative economic effects of all processes under scrutiny.
The monograph is the first to present a comprehensive overview of all of the restitution processes in the Czech Republic, processes concerning liquidation and bankruptcy, or insolvency management of state companies, and of the process governing the transformation of state property into the ownership of municipalities. The book is the primary source for most of the presented data and analytical conclusions and is intended for experts, students and anyone interested in scholarly texts on economy, economic policy, national economy, law, economic and political history and the theory of property rights. The book is a loose sequel to publications on the privatization process and changes in property rights in the Czech Republic in general.