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Analýza privatizace a restitucí v ČR

Analýza privatizace a restitucí v ČR

Transformace národního hospodářství, zejména liberalizace vlastnických práv: privatizace, restituce a ostatní systémové změny

[An Analysis of the Privatization and Restitutions in the Czech Republic]

Zeman, Karel

subjects: anthropology and ethnography, economics and finance

paperback, 338 pp., 1. edition
published: february 2018
ISBN: 978-80-246-3796-9
recommended price: 380 czk



This book represents a complex economic analysis of the entire fourth pillar of the transformation of the national economy of the Czech Republic (liberalization of ownership rights) in the period between 1989–2015.
The book aims to present the results of long-term research focusing on procedural, statistic, economic and macro-economic analysis of the privatization process, the restitution processes, the processes of the liquidation and bankruptcy of state-owned companies, and the transformation of state property into the ownership of municipalities carried out by transformation institutions in the Czech Republic. To provide a complete view of individual segments of transformation and their correlations, the book presents characteristics of all four transformation pillars (price liberalization, foreign trade liberalization, macroeconomic stabilization, and proprietary rights liberalization).
The monograph is a primary source of most of the analytical data and conclusions published in it.
It is intended for professional as well as lay readership, students and anyone interested in economics, economic policy, modern economic history and related areas.
The book is a sequel to earlier books, including An Analysis of the Privatization Process in the Czech Republic, An Analysis of Restitution Processes in the Czech Republic and Development of Land Ownership and Related Processes on the Territory of the Czech Republic from 1918 to the Present Day, completing the thematic cycle.