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Mluvnice katalánštiny

Mluvnice katalánštiny

[Grammar of Catalan]

Zavadil, Bohumil

subjects: linguistics

paperback, 522 pp., 1. edition
published: september 2020
ISBN: 978-80-246-2500-3
recommended price: 490 czk



This textbook presents a description of the grammar of Catalan, completed with an effort to provide a structural and functional interpretation of parts of speech and their grammatical categories. It covers the phonetics and phonology of contemporary Catalan, spelling, paradigmatic morphology (especially verbal), syntax and the characteristics of dialects. The scholar presents the norm of contemporary standard Catalan and lays out the foundations of the structural and functional interpretation of language. The closing part of the book contains the characteristics of dialect variants, including text samples and brief characteristics of the sociolinguistic situation of Catalan in the midst of contemporary Spain.