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O sochách a sochařích

O sochách a sochařích

[On sculptures and sculptors]

Wittlich, Petr

subjects: art

paperback, 230 pp., 1. edition
published: march 2022
ISBN: 978-80-246-5182-8
recommended price: 290 czk



In this collection of essays, Petr Wittlich follows the story of modern European sculpture, exploring the significance of its models, the fight for a new conception of space, the importance of work with light, and the nuances of the creative process originating in the very preparation of the sculpture. He also elaborates on the key figure of this development, August Rodin, as well as leading representatives of Czech sculpture (František Bílek, Ladislav Šaloun, Bohumil Kafka, Jan Štursa and Otto Gutfreund), reflects on works of Antoine Bourdelle and Aristide Maillol, and traces the response of the Avant-Garde in Jacques Lipchitz and Henry Moore. He concludes his observations about the transformations of modern sculpture with an exposition on Alberto Giacometti and the beginning of American sculpture in the 1960s.