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Role policie a armády v Evropské unii.

Role policie a armády v Evropské unii.

Analýza evropské a národní úrovně s využitím případové studie České republiky

[The Role of the Police and Army in the European Union. An Analysis of the European and National Levels Employing a Case Study of the Czech Republic]

Weiss, Tomáš

subjects: sociology

paperback, 264 pp., 1. edition
published: september 2014
ISBN: 978-80-246-2381-8
recommended price: 270 czk



This book focuses on the European Union’s security policy and examines the security policy of one of its member states, the Czech Republic, in more detail. It seeks answers to the question of whether there has been a confluence of interior and external security in the EU, and specifically whether the differences between the two most important security institutions – the police and the army – have been erased. It also asks whether the role of police and army on the European level have become blurred, whether the European integration encourages or resists this process and finally, whether the differences between the police and the army have been erased at the level of its member countries.
Based on case studies at both the European and national levels, the scholar arrives at the conclusion that although many changes can be observed on paper, their impact in reality is very limited. The visible changes are particularly due to an emphasis on domestic security, while activities considered to be part of the exterior security are subordinated to the prevention of domestic threats. Essentially all of the visible changes can be easily reverted in response to changes in the discourse on security or political preferences. The police and the army have maintained their status as two different bodies with different tasks and different modes of operation.