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Učebnice biblické hebrejštiny

Učebnice biblické hebrejštiny

[A textbook of Biblical Hebrew]

Weingreen, Jacob

subjects: language textbooks, religion

paperback, 360 pp., 3. edition
translation: Hermach, Josef - Mikulicová, Mlada
published: january 2022
ISBN: 978-80-246-5019-7
recommended price: 365 czk



Professor Weingreen’s Hebrew Grammar was first published in 1939. Using simple rules, the book aims to introduce students to classical Hebrew. Focusing on daily language, the exposition avoids complex terminology. The grammar is covered systematically in successive chapters. Each unit ends with two translation exercises – from Hebrew into Czech and vice versa. The book also contains grammatical charts, a list of irregular verbs and a glossary. This is the 3rd Czech edition.