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Substance Use in a Comparative Perspective

Substance Use in a Comparative Perspective

The Case of Bulgaria, Czechia, Croatia, Romania and Slovakia

Veselý, ArnoštDzúrová, Dagmar (eds.)

subjects: medicine – pharmacology, sociology

paperback, 274 pp., 1. edition
published: june 2011
ISBN: 978-80-246-1891-3
recommended price: 285 czk



The book puts together different pieces of evidence on the developments of substance use in five post-communist countries over time. It builds a complex and reliable evidence base for empirical comparison and identifies evidence gaps. Such developments are analyzed and interpreted using an original theoretical framework and a combination of both quantitative and qualitative methodology.

table of contents


1. Introduction
Arnošt Veselý, Dagmar Dzúrová

2. Environmental Factors as Determinants of Substance Use
Arnošt Veselý, Martin Nekola, Jana Spilková, Michala Lustigová

3. Risk Behavior in Comparative Perspective
Dagmar Dzúrová, Jana Spilková, Eva Dragomirecká

4. Risk Behavior in Five Post-Communist Countries
Alexandra Bražinová, Ognjen Brborović, Razvan M. Chereches, Alexandru Coman, Dagmar Dzúrová, Albena Kerekovska, Michala Lustigová, Martin Nekola, Stoyanka Popova, Slavica Sović, Jana Spilková

5. Health-related Behavior at the Individual Level: Case Study of Substance Use in the Czech Republic
Jana Spilková, Dagmar Dzúrová, Hynek Pikhart

Executive Summary
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