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Česko-německá literární křižovatka

Česko-německá literární křižovatka

[Czech-German Crossroads]

Veselá, Gabriela

subjects: Czech studies

paperback, 650 pp., 1. edition
published: august 2020
ISBN: 978-80-246-4129-4
recommended price: 540 czk



Gabriela Veselá’s extensive publication provides a synoptic exposition of the history of German literature in the Czech lands from the oldest period through 1945. It follows the status of German and Czech in different historical epochs, records and evaluates translations of German literary works into Czech, presents lives and works of famous as well as forgotten German-writing authors, their reception in that period as well as responses by later generations. It expands our views of the extent of German literature and its influence on the Czech environment, depicts life in the theater, activities of different clubs and publishing houses, with reference to literary topography. This heuristic work will be very useful to all future scholars of German and translation studies.