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Půl století poté

Půl století poté

[Half a Century Later]

Tondl, Ladislav

subjects: philosophy, linguistics

paperback, 110 pp., 1. edition
published: february 2007
ISBN: 80-246-1207-0
recommended price: 145 czk



The book Half a Century Later is introduced by Ladislav Tondl's autobiographic notes on his personal motivation and paths to semantics and semiotics. The text suggests a general scheme for communication processes stimulated mainly by the results of information theory. It also points out the epistemological dimensions of communication processes, the role and function of contemporary information technologies and mass media. The main emphasis is on the role of the recipient of communication processes, their competence, ability to choose and also to refuse. This concerns mainly the problems of contemporary information overload and redundancy. It is a follow-up to the author's older work on data reduction, the problems of choosing the relevant data and the need for responsible choice in the contemporary communication processes. The book also contains author's bibliography on the topic.