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Nové jevy v právu na počátku 21. století - sv. 3 - Proměny veřejného práva

Nové jevy v právu na počátku 21. století - sv. 3 - Proměny veřejného práva

Tomášek, Michal

subjects: law

hardcover, 488 pp., 1. edition
published: august 2009
ISBN: 978-80-246-1662-9
recommended price: 285 czk



This five-volume monograph prepared for publishing titled New Legal Phenomena at the Beginning of the 21st Century, whose composite author is led by Professor Michal Tomášek and whose chief editors of individual volumes are scholars from the Faculty of Law, Charles University, focuses on impulses which induce the changes of current legal system. Authors have focused mainly on aspects that have been found to be the most important bearers of changes of the entire system. All volumes are linked through their nexus with super-national phenomena, either of international or European legal origin. In addition to the important Europeanization, the research also focused on other impulses, such as in-depth evaluation of the formulation of norms in public administration, or the growing role of the courts on international, European and national levels, including the environmental law. Each volume contains pertinent bibliography.

The pentalogy will consist of the following volumes: 1. Historical Impulses in Law Development (2009), ISBN 978-80-246-1686-5 // 2. Theoretical and Constitutional Impulses in Law Development (2010) // 3. Public Law Transformations (2009), ISBN 978-80-246-1662-9 // 4. Private Law Transformations (2009), ISBN 978-80-246-1687-2 // 5. a prestigious volume with an English summary of the previous volumes.