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Počítačové zpracování tréninkové dokumentace

Počítačové zpracování tréninkové dokumentace

vytrvalostní víceboje, lední hokej

[Computer Processing of the Training Documentation. Endurance Multi-event Contests, Ice Hockey]

Suchý, JIří

subjects: sports and physical education – training

paperback, 138 pp., 1. edition
published: january 2011
ISBN: 978-80-246-1851-7
recommended price: 165 czk



This publication focuses on complex record keeping, processing and subsequent evaluation of the training process using examples of multi-event endurance contests and team games. Keeping records of the training process is an inseparable part of its management, which enables analysis, effectiveness evaluation and agile changes in planning. The analysis of training data has not been entirely solved as it encounters may theoretical and practical problems. Determination of suitable parameters of record keeping and their subsequent analysis is of supreme importance, a task made considerably easier by computer technology.
We arranged selected indicators of training in a theoretical model, which allows for their computer recording. This model is the basis for specialized software, which we designed and programmed, to keep records of training, which is briefly described in this publication. The program allows for the expeditious analysis and evaluation of recorded data for the purposes of the management of triathlon and ice hockey training.