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Soudobá sociologie IV.

Soudobá sociologie IV.

Aktuální a každodenní

[Contemporary Sociology IV. Current and Day-to-Day]

Šubrt, Jiří a kol.

subjects: sociology

paperback, 384 pp., 1. edition
published: august 2010
ISBN: 978-80-246-1789-3
recommended price: 335 czk



The editor's opening remark: The subtitle to volume IV of the Contemporary Sociology textbooks was inspired by the French sociologist, Michel Maffesoli. The expression "Current and Day-to-Day" suggests a rather heterogeneous character, consisting of papers concerning the themes, which currently attract attention and mostly concern exploring everyday life. This book is the last volume of the tetralogy, whose previous volumes were published over the past three years. Volume I, subtitled "Theoretical Concepts and Their Authors" [2007] focused on the key figures of current sociological thinking (I. Wallerstein, Z. Bauman, A. Toffler, N. Luhmann, R. Munch, A. Giddens, M. Castells, U. Beck, A. Honneth, N. Fraser, A. Etzioni). The content of volume II [2008] is determined by its title: Theory of Behaviour and Social Structures (it contains chapters devoted to concepts by H. Blumer, H. Garfinkel, E. Goffman, P. Berger, T. Luckmann, R. Collins, J. Habernas, P. Bourdieu, J. Coleman, neo-positivism, functionalism, discourse analysis, social stratification, cohesion, trust, social capital and deviation). The chapters of volume III [2008] titled Diagnoses of Contemporary Societies refer to essential questions about life in contemporary societies (knowledge, information, ecology, work, quality of life, social state, culture, post-modernism, multiculturalism, globalization, risks, conflicts) and about scholars who pursue them (D. Bell, A. Touraine, R. N. Bellah, G. Schulze, G. Lipovetsky, J. Baudrillard, P. Virilio, J. Alexander). The final volume IV is heterogeneous as to the themes treated (socio-biology, sustainable development, cultural studies, feminism, distributive justice, religion, social networks, grounded theory) as well as the figures representing sociological thinking covered (R. Sennett, M. Maffesoli, B. Latour, M. Juergensmeyer). As in the previous volumes, this publication is not conceived as a structured textbook, but rather as a collection, whose main goal is the presentation of those contemporary sociology themes and scholars who are not very well know or spread in the Czech Republic. The editor, who surrounded himself with young co-authors with varying experience in publication, hopes that their group succeeded in compiling a collection of texts appealing to sociology students as well as the wider public interested in this discipline.