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Současné otázky z pohledu biomedicíny a společenských věd


Štěpánková, HanaHöschl, CyrilVidovićová, Lucie a kol.

subjects: medicine, gerontology

paperback, 290 pp., 1. edition
published: february 2014
ISBN: 978-80-246-2628-4
recommended price: 330 czk



This monograph presents a complex overview of contemporary gerontology. The publication contains examples of selected gerontological approaches and current issues in the Czech Republic. Many of the chapters are based on the authors' own research, and thus the book presents information gained from research into practical applications and into the theory of the field without any substantial delay.
The authors reflect the traditional subjects and add new areas of interest such as environmental gerontology, kinesiology, computers, adaptation of modern technology for senior citizens, and neuropsychological diagnostics.
The publication makes possible mutual communication between individual disciplines in the field and provides a forum for illustrating specific views of sub-disciplines in a common subject, and mediates explanations of complex phenomena linked with aging in modern society.
The book guides students and interested professionals towards various sub-fields of gerontology and helps to provide an overview of the dynamic development of this field both in research and in practice.