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Vztah jazyka a komunikace v česko-slovensko-polské didaktické reflexi

Vztah jazyka a komunikace v česko-slovensko-polské didaktické reflexi

[The relationship of lanugage and communication in the Czech-Slovak-Polish didactic reflections]

Štěpáník, Stanislav et al.

subjects: education – pedagogy

paperback, 226 pp., 1. edition
published: september 2019
ISBN: 978-80-246-4353-3
recommended price: 290 czk



This monograph represents a unique achievement in our linguistic and didactic production as the cooperation of experts in didactics of language instruction from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, three countries that are close linguistically, historically, culturally and socially, offers a remarkable contrastive view of the main theme of the book, the relationship between language and communication. From the perspective of language instruction as well as from a broader, international view, its solution appears fundamental for creating an suitable environment for teaching native languages, for an examination and improvement of its quality and, primarily, for implementing innovations. In the Czech-Slovak-Polish environment, this monograph represents a work, which addresses the issue with complexity and in depth. To address the issues that the instruction of Czech, Slovak and Polish faces, the scholars present a systemic communicative and functional approach as the basic starting point, which is elaborated in the publication.