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Univerzita Karlova

Univerzita Karlova

Historický přehled

[Charles University. A Historical Overview]

Štemberková, Marie

paperback, 3. edition
published: december 2021
ISBN: 978-80-246-5010-4
recommended price: 350 czk



This prestigious publication on the history of Charles University provides a brief historical overview of the changing forms of the university and its components since its foundation in 1348 up to the present. It focuses on the history of the university as a whole, its 17 faculties, research institutes and other academic departments, including the context of significant political and cultural events which affected the lives of students as well as the entire academic community. The text is accompanied by photographs of the buildings, portraits, reproductions of significant historical documents and a timeline of the university in dates from its founding up to the present. This second, updated edition also includes the period between 2011–2021.