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Charles University

Charles University

A Historical Overview

[Charles University. A Historical Overview]

Štemberková, Marie

subjects: Charles University

paperback, 216 pp., 2. edition
translation: Key, Petra
published: september 2012
ISBN: 978-80-246-2019-0
recommended price: 390 czk



English and Czech versions of representative publications on the history of Charles University give a brief historical overview of the changing forms of the university and its components. Following up on the publication "Karolinum" by Josef Petráň (2010), which covers the historic core of the university, attention is now paid to the history of the university as a whole, to the main political events, to the everyday life of students and to important personalities. The publication is accompanied by high-quality graphical documentation (photographs of the buildings, portraits, reproductions of valuable historical documents). A practical timeline of the university in dates from its founding through the present is in an appendix to the book.