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The Excavation Report for Seasons 2002–2006 VOL. 1

Stančo, Ladislav (ed.)

subjects: archaeology, Asian studies

paperback, 198 pp., 1. edition
published: october 2011
ISBN: 978-80-246-1965-1
recommended price: 275 czk



The current publication presents results of the Czech-Uzbekistani archaeological expedition in southern Uzbekistan, particularly on the site of Jandavlattepa. This collaboration originated in 2001 as a joint project of the Archaeological Institute of Uzbekistan in Samarqand and the Institute for Classical Archaeology, Charles University in Prague. The pilot season took place the next year, in 2002. Since then, every year till 2006, a four to six-week-long excavation campaign under the direction of Kazim Abdullaev and Ladislav Stančo has been organised and a huge amount of archaeological material and data has been collected. This volume should be a starting issue of a number publications which shall present this data.

This publication has been divided into three parts. The first part contains a brief general description of the site and the history of its excavation, as well as geographical and topographical notes. The second and also core part contains a description of the archaeological situations in various sectors of the site. Sector 20, i.e. the citadel, is brought into special focus. The third part of the publication consists of studies devoted to various groups of finds: coins, textile-making implements, weapons and tools, jewellery and clay figurines and appliqués. A list of all small finds has been attached to the end of the book, with references to the form of depicting them either as a drawing or a photograph, and with reference to those places in the text, where special attention is paid to these finds.