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Vzdělávání Romů

Vzdělávání Romů

Šotolová, Eva

subjects: education – pedagogy

paperback, 156 pp., 2. edition
published: july 2011
ISBN: 978-80-246-1909-5
recommended price: 165 czk



"Educating Romas" is a work based on historic information about the Roma national minority and captures its efforts on its assimilation and integration.
It mainly focuses on education of the Roma children in the Czech Republic and some other European countries. One of the most important prerequisites for the integration of Romas and the implementation of the multicultural education is education of future teachers towards tolerance and respect to different cultures.
Eva Šotolová's book shows why the Romas cannot be assimilated, that is their customs, tradition and culture, including the language, suppressed, and why, on the contrary, they have to be respected as a national minority with its particularities and rights and above all what role in this process belongs to the pedagogical public.
Second revised edition.