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Health and Disease in the Neolithic Lengyel Culture

Health and Disease in the Neolithic Lengyel Culture

Smrčka, Václav (ed.)

subjects: anthropology and ethnography, archaeology, medicine

paperback, 400 pp., 1. edition
published: november 2021
ISBN: 978-80-246-4514-8
recommended price: 620 czk



This book aims to explain hitherto unknown or insufficiently explained facts from everyday life of the members of the Lengyel culture, Neolithic peasants who came from the Balkans, through Moravia to spread in the regions of today’s Austria and Poland, where they replaced the original early agricultural populations of central Europe – linear pottery cultures and stroke-ornamented pottery cultures. From other early Neolithic cultures, they differed in the use of copper, volcanic glass and a higher share of hunting.
How was this population affected by its use of metal? Why did their need to hunt increase? What was its state of health prior to their migration from today’s Hungary to Moravia, where they experienced an unprecedented boom, and which diseases troubled the population of Lengyel settlements the most? How did their lifestyle differ from that of previous linear and stroked pottery cultures? These are some of the questions the international team of experts, led by Václav Smrčka and Olivér Gábor, are trying to answer.

Václav Smrčka
Olivér Gábor

František Bůzek
Alžběta Čerevková
Eva Čermáková
David Dick
Marta Dočkalová
Vojtěch Erban
Martina Fojtová
Olivér Gábor
Csilla Gáti
Zdeněk Hájek
Martin Hill
Ivana Jarošová
Sylva Kaupová
Kitti Köhler
Vítězslav Kuželka
Martin Mihaljevič
Zdenka Musilová
Ivo Němec
Ctibor Povýšil
Lenka Půtová
Štefan Rástočný
Václav Smrčka
Jakub Trubač
Zdeněk Tvrdý
Ivan Zoc
Jarmila Zocová

Translation of Czech Texts
Stanislav Cita
Helena Pecháčková