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Korespondence Josefa Zvěřiny a Aleny Falerské

Korespondence Josefa Zvěřiny a Aleny Falerské


[Correspondence of Josef Zvěřina and Alena Falerská]

Šmídová, Lucie (ed.)

subjects: religion, biographies and memoirs

paperback, 212 pp., 1. edition
published: november 2020
ISBN: 978-80-246-4425-7
recommended price: 260 czk



Theologian and former political prisoner Josef Zvěřina (1913–1990) lived in Praskolesy during the early 1970s, but continued to write various texts, meet with friends and work as a pastor far beyond the borders of the rural parish, where he was sent after being expelled from the Faculty of Theology in 1970. His correspondence with Alena Falerská (1930–2003) shows both a desire to discuss spiritual issues openly, with humor and in depth, but mainly what the application of the ideas of the Second Vatican Council and actually living in accordance with them meant to Zvěřina.