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Čeština a škola

Čeština a škola

[Czech Language and School ]

Šmejkalová, Martina

subjects: education – history

paperback, 518 pp., 1. edition
published: november 2010
ISBN: 978-80-246-1692-6
recommended price: 315 czk



This monograph deals with the instruction of the Czech language at secondary schools in 1918-1989, especially the language component of the subject. It is not limited to the narrow scholastic view, but takes on the issue from several angles and places into a broader context. It represents the historical determinants affecting the theory of teaching the Czech language, noting the influence of the situation in linguistics on the instruction of Czech and the development of Czech linguistic didactics. The resulting image is rounded out by the analysis of primary documents, curricula, textbooks, and professional journals. The scholar points out the major personalities involved in the development of teaching Czech (V. Ertl, J. Kaňka, J. Kabelík, B. Havránek, L. Kopeckij, K. Oliva, J. V. Bečka, E. Čech, K. Svoboda, P. Hauser, V. Styblík, M. Čechová, N. Kvítková and many others). The expertly prepared subject matter, whose breadth and depth makes it a significant contribution for both theoretical disciplines and practical applications, can thus provide guidance and serve as a starting point for the creation of new concepts in the field of teaching Czech.