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Tvorba jako způsob poznávání

Tvorba jako způsob poznávání

[Creation as a Cognitive Method ]

Slavík, JanChrz, VladimírŠtech, Stanislav a kol.

subjects: education

paperback, 556 pp., 1. edition
published: march 2014
ISBN: 978-80-246-2335-1
recommended price: 375 czk



Creation or creativity, based on the idea of liberation and development of human nature, was a major theme of modernist psychology and pedagogy and has remained in the focus even in contemporary educational discourse. It primarily highlights the originality and flexibility of an individual as an important prerequisite for success in contemporary society, yet it usually, intentionally or inadvertently, ideologically follows the traditional understanding of creation as an individual act. This book offers a different conception. It is based on understanding creation as an articulation or formulation of a work, which has content. A special regard for the content of creation and for the potential of its effective and forceful formulation in certain interpretation contexts brings a substantial change of perspective. It leads to a re-evaluation of the original individualist conception based on the intersubjective perspective, emphasizing the place of creation in a particular cultural framework with all ties to its symbolizations, scripts, meanings and rules, in relation to which the creative act defines itself, but which it also must follow up in many ways. The book gradually develops the theory and practice of a general process of the content’s cultural transformation, ranging from conceptual learning (noéta) to symbolic learning (aisthéta). This process has its enculturating, socialization and personalization dimensions in whose mutual intersection education takes place and all expressions of human culture develop.