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Latinská syntax pro posluchače teologie

Latinská syntax pro posluchače teologie

[Latin syntax for students of theology]

Šimandl, Josef

subjects: language textbooks

paperback, 108 pp., 1. edition
published: march 2016
ISBN: 978-80-246-3262-9
recommended price: 160 czk



This textbook, a result of many years of teaching experience, follows up Šlesinger’s Latin Basics for Students of Theology (Karolinum Press), representing an important step towards reading theological texts, which are, in fact, present in the book through sample sentences, coming most often from liturgical texts. The book, designed for a two-semester study, covers simple sentence structure (case semantics, infinitive structures and participles) as well as complex sentences (types of subordinate clauses, coordinating conjunctions and hyper syntax), thus being a practical grammatical tool for future reading. One of the book reviewers said about the publication: “The scholar has a rare gift of presenting the topic in an interesting way even when explaining complex issues. Šimandl compiled a high-quality, valuable book, which features many innovative elements. This makes it a model textbook, which deserves our full attention.”