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Language in its multifarious aspects

Language in its multifarious aspects

Sgall, Petr

subjects: linguistics

paperback, 558 pp., 1. edition
published: april 2006
ISBN: 80-246-1158-9
recommended price: 460 czk



This exceptional book of selected essays by the leading Czech linguist and member of the Prague Linguistic Circle contains 26 essays in English and 4 in German. It presents the wide scope of Sgall's interest and in six parts introduces the main spheres of author's interest - the first part of the book deals with general and theoretical questions, the second contains Sgall's contribution to syntax, the third covers the functional sentence perspective, the fourth sentences and discourse, the fifth language typology and the last part covers speech and writing.

table of contents

Introduction by Eva Hajičová and Jarmila Panevová
A. General and Theoretical Issues
1. Types of languages and the simple pattern of the core of language (2003)
2. Freedom of language: Its nature, its sources and its consequences (2002)
3. On comparison of approaches (Remarks and Illustrations) (2000)
4. Functionalism in Czech linguistics and in the world (1997)
5. Structure, meaning and use (1997)
6. Formal and Computational Linguistics in Prague (1995)
7. Underlying structure of sentences and its relations to semantics (1992)
8. A dependency based specification of topic and focus II -Formal account (1980)
9. Generative Beschreibung und die Ebenen des Sprachsystems (1964)
10. Introduction to Linguistic Mourphology (1989)
B. Syntax
11. Underlying structures in annotating Czech National Corpus (2001)
12. Revisiting the classification of the dependents (1998)
13. Case and meaning (1980)
C. Topic-Focus Articulation
14. From functional sentence perspective to topic-focus articulation (2003)
15. The position of Czech linguistics in theme-focus research (1987)
16. Wortfolge und Fokus im Deutschen (1982)
17. Functional sentence perspective in a generative description (1967)
D. From Sentence to Discourse in Semantics
18. Dynamics in the meaning of the sentence and of discourse (2003)
19. From meaning via reference to content (1995)
20. Meaning, reference and discourse patterns (1994)
E. Typology of Languages
21. Natürlichkeit, Syntax und Typologie (1988)
22. Die Sprachtypologie V. Skalickas (1979)
23. On the notion "type of language" (1971)
24. Zur Typologie des Infinitivs (1958)
F. Speaking and Writing
25. Spoken Czech revisited (2002)
26. Towards a theory of phonemic orthography (1987)
Bibliography of Petr Sgall
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