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Burgundský stát

Burgundský stát


[Burgundian State 1363–1477 ]

Schnerb, Bertrand

subjects: history – medieval
series: Medieval Studies

paperback, 482 pp., 1. edition
translation: Cvejnová Skalická, Bronislava
published: february 2023
ISBN: 978-80-246-5222-1
recommended price: 410 czk



Bertrand Schnerb's book presents a synthesis of the Burgundian state at the end of the Middle Ages. Alongside parts of northern Italy, this state embodied the most important economic centre of Europe, one of the richest regions of the western world and an environment in which a written and artistic culture unparalleled in its kind developed. The concept of the Burgundian state goes beyond the hitherto established scheme of a series of biographical studies of its individual rulers and also provides a different perspective from the 'provincial' conception of Burgundian history in the late Middle Ages. Rather, Schnerb's synthesis finds elements of the modern state in late medieval entities.

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