České interpretační umění

České interpretační umění

Významní pedagogové české kontrabasové školy na přelomu tisíciletí

[Czech Art of Interpretation. Prominent Teachers of the Czech Double Bass School at the Turn of the Millennium]

Šašinková, Eva

subjects: music, education, history

e-book, 1. edition
published: december 2022
ISBN: 978-80-246-5241-2
e-book formats PDF
recommended price: 250 czk



This book strives to be tribute to the Czech art of interpretation and teachers of the double bass. It maps out the development of the Czech double bass school, the establishment of higher-education music schools and activities of university and internationally respected teachers, who continue to further the traditions of this school. The book also includes photographs documenting the methodology used as well as valuable materials from the private archives of selected instrumentalists. The section focusing on personal and artistic life of four prominent teachers of the current generation of the Czech double bass school is based on consultations, interviews, research as well as personal experience of the scholar, who herself is a graduate from the Kroměříž conservatory and the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague in this discipline.