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Krajinářská tvorba Jana Rudolfa Černína

Krajinářská tvorba Jana Rudolfa Černína

Vznik a vývoj parků v Krásném Dvoře, Jemčině, Petrohradě a Chudenicích

[The Landscape Activities of Jan Rudolf Černín]

Šantrůčková, Markéta

subjects: science, architecture and urban studies

paperback, 316 pp., 1. edition
published: october 2014
ISBN: 978-80-246-2397-9
recommended price: 355 czk



This book assesses terrain modifications and the use of natural relief when founding landscape parks, which combine the influence of the natural environment and its anthropogenic transformations. The parks presented in this publication were selected due to the fact that they are connected by their founders, Jan Rudolf Černín of Chudenice and his son Evžen Karel Černín, and also that they are located in different natural environments. In her introduction, the scholar analyzes the possibilities of research of landscape parks from the geographical perspective, and then presents methodologies and methods of data processing used, including a proposal for the typology of terrain alterations in landscape parks. Next, she assesses philosophical and aesthetic views of the period, which gave rise to the creation of landscape parks and principles behind these works and contemporary conditions for their maintenance and reconstruction. The work also includes a comparison of landscape parks founded by the Černíns and the most prominent parks in the Czech Lands and abroad. Another section offers a detailed classification of model localities and the terrain alterations involved. The concluding section evaluates the importance of terrain alterations for creating landscape parks and their contemporary maintenance.