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Gotické deskové malířství v severozápadních a severních Čechách, 1340-1550

Gotické deskové malířství v severozápadních a severních Čechách, 1340-1550

[Gothic panel painting in North-Western and Northern Bohemia, 1340-1550]

Royt, Jan

subjects: art, history – medieval, history – early modern

hardcover, 352 pp., 1. edition
published: november 2015
ISBN: 978-80-246-3174-5
recommended price: 450 czk



A remarkable set of altarpieces and individual panel paintings dating from 1340–1550 has been preserved in North-Western Bohemia. Most of them originated in the late Gothic and early modern era when Bohemia was under the rule of the Jagiellon dynasty and the Habsburg Ferdinand I. This abundance of works of art was a consequence of the economic upswing of North-Western Bohemia, particularly of mining and metal processing in the Krušné Hory region. The monograph’s author, Jan Royt, in cooperation with historian Michaela Hrubá and art historian Magdaléna Nespěšná Hamsíková, presents the development of panel painting in North-Western Bohemia and in Saxony in the context of historical and religious development in this region. The monuments are presented as catalogue entries and accompanied by color reproductions.
Prof. PhDr. Ing. Jan Royt, Ph.D. (1955) is a renowned figure in the Czech history of the arts. He teaches the history of medieval art and Christian iconography at Charles University’s Faculty of Arts and Theological Faculty and at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem. He is an external lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He has written several monographs and dozens of papers which were published in the Czech Republic and abroad. He sits on several scientific and editorial boards and is a member of the prestigious Görres-Gesellschaft association.