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Záhada nemoci Karla IV.

Záhada nemoci Karla IV.

Osobnosti českých dějin z perspektivy obličejové chirurgie

[The Mystery of Charles IV’s Disease]

Ramba, Jiří

subjects: history – medieval, medicine

paperback, 268 pp., 1. edition
published: september 2020
ISBN: 978-80-246-3895-9
recommended price: 330 czk



In this collection of papers, which were previously published in journals and in books, experienced facial traumatologist Jiří Ramba presents the results of his examination of the remains of several figures of the Czech history: Otakar II, king of Bohemia, Elizabeth of Pomerania, Ladislas Posthumus, George of Poděbrady, Rudolph II, Eleanor of Austria and Karel Hynek Mácha.
At the center of the book is a paper on a mysterious temporary paralysis experienced by Charles IV at the turn 1350. Building on his extensive experience, the scholar presents an interesting trauma theory, describing how it could possibly happen and the likely courses of treatment and rehabilitation.