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Dějiny Univerzity Karlovy IV (1918-1990)

Dějiny Univerzity Karlovy IV (1918-1990)

[The History of Charles University, Volume IV]

Pousta, ZdeněkHavránek, Jan

subjects: history, Charles University

hardcover, 672 pp., 1. edition
published: april 1998
ISBN: 80-7184-5396
recommended price: 780 czk



The last volume of this monograph covers the period from 1918 to 1989. It provides the reader with a critical view on the life of the university in the 20th century. The developments of newly established faculties, departments and new branches of study are to be found in this book. The life of the German University, its beginnings, growth and final end are treated separately.

The History of Charles University in four volumes was published as a contribution to the 650th anniversary of the foundation of Charles University. This comprehensive monograph is written for scholars as well as for the wider public interested in Czech cultural and intellectual history. Images of the architecture, university paintings, sculptures and rare documents illustrate the book