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České důchody

České důchody

[Czech pensions]

Potůček, Martin

subjects: sociology

paperback, 182 pp., 1. edition
published: march 2019
ISBN: 978-80-246-4236-9
recommended price: 240 czk



The publication is intended to present the current pension system. The author, who was chairman of the retirement commission between 2014–2017, explains the development of the pension system using the specific steps taken by previous governments, introduces its strengths and weaknesses, and dispels the various fears and myths that accompany the issue of public pensions. The wider sociological and cultural social outlook does not diminish the book's practical focus and the helpfulness to readers, which is emphasized by Rostislav Pospíšil's illustrations.

"The book provides an easy to read and for non-experts understandable form of information about how the retirement system currently works, how it could work, and how complex the system actually is. It also points out the number of interests and ideas which need to be aligned to avoid feelings of injustice. I heartily recommend this book to everyone."
Anna Šabatová, Public Defender of Rights

"The book is written in the clearest form and language and I am glad that if we so desire, it will make much clear to us all!"
Arnošt Goldflam, actor, playwright, writer and working pensioner

"A beautiful publication impossible to put down."
Zdeněk Pernes, Chairman of the Council of Seniors of the Czech Republic

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