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Česká republika - trendy, ohrožení, příležitosti

Česká republika - trendy, ohrožení, příležitosti

[Trends, Opportunities and Threats to the Czech Republic]

Potůček, MartinMašková, Miroslava a kol.

subjects: political science and international relations

paperback, 366 pp., 1. edition
published: october 2009
ISBN: 978-80-246-1655-1
recommended price: 355 czk



This book identifies important, empirically detectable trends in Czech society and its external environment. In the first part, the identification of trends is placed into a wider methodological framework of the formation of visions and strategies for the Czech state. It presents a modular approach, in which information concerning these trends functions as preconditions for other elements of the prognostic method. The next part analyzes four important global trends with long-term effects. Degradation of the environment, the non-Western face of globalization, global inequality as a global threat and new multi-polarity are the main external trends that will also notably influence the future of the Czech Republic. The external trends are divided into ten areas which were identified as important parts of the explanation of the social movement. The publication focuses on the developmental dynamics of law, the economy, political system, education, innovation, and also at the development of population, nature and the environment, raw materials, security and values in Czech society from the point of view of development in the given area and in its relationship to the criteria of quality and sustainability of life. The closing section offers a brief meta-reflection concerning current and potential social dynamics and how it is reflected in the formulation of strategic roles for the Czech society.