Facebooková (ne)závislost

Facebooková (ne)závislost

Identita, interakce a uživatelská kariéra na Facebooku

[(In)dependence on Facebook]

Pospíšilová, Marie

subjects: sociology, media and communications

e-book, 1. edition
published: january 2017
ISBN: 978-80-246-3324-4
e-book formats PDF
recommended price: 110 czk



The Internet has changed the nature of social ties and interactions, giving rise to new ways of making social contact, offering an environment for communication and tools for these interactions. The tools that introduce new methods of communication include social networks. The scholar focused on the most popular of these – Facebook.
In mid-2016, there were 1.7 billion of Facebook users worldwide and this number is increasing. This compels us to ask why Facebook is so interesting and attractive, why people sign up and keep using it and why they should (or could) stop.
The scholar seeks answers to these questions based on theoretical approaches and qualitative interviews with young users in the Czech environment. Employing Goffman’s theatrical metaphor, she examines the Facebook environment as a region of interaction and ascertains unique features of this social network.