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Promotio Doctoralis A. I. Schamsky

Promotio Doctoralis A. I. Schamsky

Mouchová, BohumilaSmazalová, JaromíraBeránek, KarelPetráň, JosefŠachová, Blanka

subjects: history – early modern, medicine

paperback, 96 pp., 1. edition
published: december 2001
ISBN: 80-246-0098-6
recommended price: 1170 czk



This really unique English-Latin book is a reprint of an interesting small work, published on the occassion of the honorable admittion of the doctor A. I. Schamsky among the doctor class in the year 1711. The reader can follow the scenario of a Baroque "promotio" with its rhetoric exhibition of that time, including a desription of gestures and requisities. The original publisher, the Old Town engraver and bookseller, A. D. Neuratter enriched the book with engravings depicting the particular phases of the solemnity, which are in fact the oldest preserved pictures of the historical interieur in the Aula of the Karolinum building. The publication is accompanied by an expert afterword by Prof. Josef Petráň. This book is also avaiable in the Czech-Latin version.