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Památky Univerzity Karlovy

Památky Univerzity Karlovy

[The Charles University Monuments]

Petráň, Josef a kol.

subjects: Charles University, history, art

hardcover, 356 pp., 1. edition
published: december 1999
ISBN: 80-7184-8557
recommended price: 390 czk



During its more than six centuries Charles University has given birth to a whole range of beautiful monuments, which, together with its spiritual values of education and science, form part of the significant contribution of Prague's university to national as well as European culture. This richly illustrated book deals with the buildings, cult objects, insignia, literary monuments, museums, collection of paintings and others. The results of many years of research reveal the origins and fortunes of many valuable works, many of which are so far unknown to the general public. The book is designed for the wide range of university members and graduates and for anyone with interests in its cultural events.