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Dějiny hmotné kultury II/l

Dějiny hmotné kultury II/l

Petráň, Josef

subjects: history

hardcover, 1. edition
published: may 1996
ISBN: 80-7184-0858
recommended price: 345 czk


This two-volume second part of the book follows up the History of Material Culture I (SPN 1985). It provides a thorough description of life and essential needs of all basic social strata of the early modern Central-European society (monarch's court, aristocracy, lower nobility, clergy, country population as well as individual strata of townspeople, including the Jews) in the 16th–18th centuries, with the necessary extensions to the medieval world and the world of the 19th century. The author also presents the modern army, modern eating habits, clothing and modern communication systems. It is an exceptional work in the Czech historiography field, sure to be appreciated by professional historians as well as other humanity field experts and broad general public.