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Věda a politika.

Věda a politika.

Německé společenskovědní ústavy v zahraničí (1880-2010)

[Science and Politics. German Institutes of Social Sciences in Foreign Countries (1880-2010)]

Pešek, JiříFilipová, Lucie a kol.

subjects: political science and international relations

paperback, 390 pp., 1. edition
published: june 2013
ISBN: 978-80-246-2175-3
recommended price: 365 czk



This book presents a unique network of German institutes of social science and humanities in foreign countries as they were formed between the 1980s and the last fundamental reform in 2009. It focuses on 15 institutions in Europe, USA or Asia which carry out research primarily in history, but also in art history, archaeology, economy or Oriental studies. This analysis focuses on the development, publications and leaders in the institutes as well as on their cooperation with scientists and institutions of host countries. The research institutes are also followed from the perspective of German foreign cultural policy, in which they play an inconspicuous yet very important role.