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Mezi zdarem a zmarem

Mezi zdarem a zmarem

Proč? Jak? Co?

[Between success and failure]

Payne, Jan

subjects: philosophy

paperback, 328 pp., 1. edition
published: march 2021
ISBN: 978-80-246-4732-6
recommended price: 380 czk



This book maps terrain which has always been, and in the present in particular is still painful for humans. Recommendations such as "know yourself" or "be yourself" as well as questions such as "where do I come from", "where am I going" and mainly "who am I" are constantly sneaking into the mind and during tense times also questions like "why me" or "does life make sense at all" join in as well. For human beings, the meaning of life is a key problem which accompanies them every step along the way, and the question is especially tense during the current times, when everything is changing and people are grasping for answers. This work of a philosophical nature including numerous excursions into theology, psychology, neurology and other fields represents a detailed analysis of human reflection and intentionality on the basis of which it attempts to present solutions to difficult questions. In contrast to the usual approach, it emphasizes the ethics of hope, trust and virtue, with the provision that private relations are a condition for public order. It would however be a mistake to think of the text as a do-it-yourself or "easy and fast" instruction manual not requiring one to engage their own mental efforts to ensure that life is not wasted, but successful.