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Mluvnice současné češtiny 2

Mluvnice současné češtiny 2

Syntax češtiny na základě anotovaného korpusu

[Syntax of Czech based on a treebank]

Panevová, Jarmila a kol.

subjects: Czech studies, linguistics

paperback, 292 pp., 1. edition
published: september 2014
ISBN: 978-80-246-2497-6
recommended price: 295 czk



This volume presents a view of Czech syntax based on grammatically annotated linguistic material of contemporary Czech from Czech computer corpora. The scholars all contributed to the development of the Prague Dependency Treebank using the theoretical conception of dependency description based on valency. The book’s seven chapters analyze essential questions of the semantic structure of a Czech sentence, presenting abundant examples from the treebank (types of dependency structures, the boundaries between valency and non-valency complementation, interplay of morphology and syntax in a Czech sentence, coordinating and elliptical expressions, the nature of infinitive structures, the relation of word order and functional sentence perspective and more).