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Co je bulvár, co je bulvarizace

Co je bulvár, co je bulvarizace

[What is a tabloid, what is sensationalism]

Osvaldová, BarboraKopáč, Radim (eds.)

subjects: media and communications

e-book, 1. edition
published: august 2016
ISBN: 978-80-246-3260-5
e-book formats PDF
recommended price: 130 czk



This collective monograph follows in the steps of other similar texts published by Karolinum Press, including O fejetonu, s fejetonem (On feuilletons, with feuilletons), O reportážích a reportérech (On reporters and news coverage), Pokusy a dobrodružství – poznámky k eseji (Experiments and adventures: notes on essay), Rozhovory o Interview (Interviews about interviews), Internetizace a digitalizace žurnalistiky: Proměny a perspektivy žurnalistiky v epoše digitálních médií (Internatization and digitization of journalism: Transformations and prospects of journalism in the digital media era) and Žurnalistika v informační společnosti (Journalism in information society). All of these books have the same structure: a general introduction followed by relevant contributions from scholars and journalists who develop the theme and describe their use of the material in their work. This monograph on tabloids and sensationalism focuses particularly on the difficulties in defining this phenomenon, including its history and current state. Several authors describe their experience with sensationalism and yellow media. As sensationalism has recently become a frequently used expression, this book aims to explain this phenomenon to allow readers to form unbiased views of this theme for tabloid journalism might not have only negative aspects, as some of the contributions indicate.